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Angel Affirmation - Unity


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"I am at one with all my family and with all of humanity."

All of us are part of the great energetic connection that creates the whole of the cosmos. You are not just a part of your own family unit, but the whole of humanity, ... the universe! The Angel of Unity calls upon you to recognize this interconnectedness and to do what you can to strengthen your connection. Sometimes this angel draws attention to family disharmony.

You cannot always agree with everyone, and just because we are born within a family does not necessarily mean that we will always see eye to eye. The Angel asks you to remember that just as you believe you are right, so does everyone else! Someone else's truth does not make you wrong... or the other way round. Try to respect other views even when you disagree, and ask the angels to help you form a bond at soul level so that you can love them anyway, even if sometimes that seems difficult!

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Angel Insight - Unity

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