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I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to vote in the 2013 Kindred Spirit Magazine Reader Awards. The award ceremony was hosted on the stage of the Mind Body Spirit festival at Earls Court in London, and compered by the inspirational Dr David Hamilton. (photos below by the very talented Samjhana Moon from Goddess Portraiture.) There were several categories such as Spiritual Retreat Centre (won by Findhorn) and Spiritual Writer (won by Lynne McTaggart ~ author of The Field) which I was very surprised to have also been nominated for, and the category of Lightworker which to my great delight ... I won!


Richard, my business partner, was there at the event to share the excitement and suggested we write immediately to let everyone know so that I could express my gratitude to all the voters. I wasn't able to celebrate at the party straight after the awards, but I knew that I would be able to celebrate with colleagues and friends in Glastonbury later in the week during the mentorship training for Spiritual Educators. I sat on the train dashing over to Gatwick for my flight back to Ireland for the Spiritual Companions course in Co.Donegal and I reflected on what this prestigious 'Lightworker' award actually means ~ for me.

When I started running small workshops and 'angel parties' just over fifteen years ago following a huge life change, I considered myself like a 'match girl'... simply lighting the pilot light in people's hearts... perhaps inspiring or motivating a shift of change for them too, that they could - if they chose to - turn up the flame of passion and develop their own spiritual life in accordance with their true soul purpose. I dedicated the rest of my life to following angelic guidance in service to God and the 'greater good'.

Living in the Light brings up our own shadows, and is in itsself a huge challenge which takes years... which I have found out! Throughout these years, on my travels, I have been privileged to meet and know some amazing people whose light has rubbed off onto me and added to my own story. People like my 'other' family of Essenes, many of whom are wonderfully wise and have been following ancient spiritual teachings through many life times. In addition, I have Richard and Maggie, who support and work with me (and without whom I could not do what I do), my own ever increasing family who keep me grounded and 'normal', and all my friends (old and new) and colleagues within the Foundation for Holistic Spirituality and all my Spiritual Companions who nurture my spirit and help me to know my true self.

Everyone of us (whether we know it or not) is potentially a Lightworker... everyone is potentially an agent of change. How we are, how we act, our level of conscious awareness in our words and our actions, causes a ripple effecting everyone around us. It's huge, it's magnificent, and mysterious.

So, I'd just like to say that I am hugely grateful for winning the Kindred Spirit Award of Lightworker, which for me is also huge, magnificent and mysterious. I will be honoured to display it for all to see.... because, you see, to me it represents every single person 'out there' who is doing their bit to spread love and compassion through the way they life their life., Perhaps they don't happen to write for a magazine or speak at events, but they shine their light in their life ~ because that's what they do! Although this award has my name on it, I willingly share it with all of you. Thank you.

With much love and blessings in abundance,


Voted Most Popular Lightworker by readers of Kindred Spirit Magazine, 2013


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