Seven Steps Workshop – Birmingham

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25-11-2017 All day
Tree of Life, Birmingham
Address: Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8AB

Times: 10.30am to 5pm
from £67

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Are you becoming super-sensitive to anything dis-harmonious? Can you sense inconsistencies and feel like shying away from the ‘heaviness’ of daily life? So many of us are developing our spiritual senses, yet often without understanding of how to deal with the change.

Can you feel the ‘Light’ energies of angels surrounding you? Angels are closer than ever and in vast numbers, too many and too vast for us to comprehend. But could this super sensitivity to the energies and a heightening of our own perceptions be due to a deepening connection with the angelic realms? And if that’s the case, does it enhance our life’s purpose, if we are unsure where to go?

Chrissie, who has been teaching people to connect with the angelic realms for over twenty years, has been staring deep into the light to come up with some answers to many of our questions, and has made some amazing discoveries whilst researching for her latest book Seven Steps into Angel Light published by Watkins Publishing (September 2017)

The answers are all in the Light! How we interact with it, communicate with the light of angels as their energies blend with ours to nurture our soul and heal us can be absolutely life changing.

We know that everything is created by light, (science has proved it) and that this is actually the same light as the stars, as everything surrounding us that we see, its in the cells of our own human bodies and also creates the beneficent Divine beings we call ‘Angels’. As these light vibrations increase, so does our interconnection with all living things, with all forms of life.

You are invited to come along and share in these wonderful revelations for yourself in a fabulously inspiring experiential workshop of angelic connection where we will raise our vibrations into the Angel Light together. Feel the power of angelic love, receive the healing messages, and discover how to deepen your connections to the vibrations of the angelic realms and truly ’See the Light’ for yourself.