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Chrissie attends shows around the UK each month, giving talks and workshops on angels and spiritual development. She offers fascinating insights into the world of angels and personal spiritual enlightenment, based on her academic studies in Comparative Religion and many years of research and writing. Chrissie can also offer a combined talk and book signing.

If you would like to host an event, or book Chrissie for a talk, please contact us using the Contact Page.

“I think I can speak for the others when I say what a pleasure it was to meet you and listen to you. Thank you so much for taking us on such a lovely meditation, for the angels, handouts, cards and for helping to educate and enlighten us. It was really a fascinating afternoon.” – Josh

Example 20 minute talks:

Seven Steps With The Angels

A workshop for those who are new to angels or wish to explore their spiritual ‘impulse’. Seven Steps With The Angels is an experiential workshop full of exploration and inspiring exercises, through guided meditations, pair work and laughter.

Together we will look at ways of connecting more deeply for those who feel the call to serve with the angels, using Chrissie’s Seven Step process. Looking at how we can each develop practical tools and spiritual practices that will ground us, connect with angelic energies, enable us to self-reflect with truth and transparency, attuning with the angels to receive the spiritual impulse that accelerates us forward on our personal journey.

Are you ready to work as an ambassador for the Light? Let’s step up to the mark and raise our personal vibration for healing ourselves and others. With new or refined resources we can enable and empower those around us, we can all be a step closer to bringing Heaven on Earth!

The workshop includes so many aspects that it is challenging to list them all. Through guided visualisation, pair work, sharing and spiritual exercises which are enjoyable and inspiring, participants experience a strong empathic sense of their own angels, and those working with them. Many people gain a knowledge of their true soul purpose at the same time, opening to healing energy which unblocks or illuminates emotional issues that may be holding them back on their spiritual path.

By atuning to the energy of the Archangels and opening to their presence and guidance participants very often experience a renewed desire, or impulse, to change direction in life, and not surprisingly find their life opening to new friends and opportunities.

During the day tools will be given to help in dealing with personal issues and challenges such as relationship, family, work, emotional pain and so on, and these may be in the form of visualisation or written exercise. Always presented with a mix of humour and depth, enhancing the exercise and it’s outcome. For example the exercise may include cutting away old unwanted ties, with Archangel Michael, or healing the body with Archangel Raphael. We may also include a meditation to cleanse and purify the chakras, or healing the beautiful planet.

The day also includes quotations, stories, poems and prayers. Meditations are available on CD for you to listen to again.

This workshop is ideal if:

  • You wish to find out more about angels and how to connect with them,
  • Discover which angels / angel energies you are working with,
  • You wish to experience guided meditation with Chrissie in a safe, small group environment,
  • You seek to learn more about your own spirituality and how it relates to the world around you,
  • You are seeking guidance and inspiration.

The workshop does not require any previous training. It is a lovely, gentle way to begin working with angels.

Check the Upcoming Events listing or Event Calendar for new talks, show appearances and workshops.

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    20:00 -21:00

    Join Chrissie for an exclusive online webinar on Tuesday February 27th at 8PM UK time, where she’ll be talking about the many qualities of Archangel Jophieland offer ways you can call upon this beautiful being. It’s easy to participate using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone using the ZOOM conferencing app.

    To prepare:

    • Visit the Zoom website at or search for the app on iTunes or GooglePlay.
    • Install the app and set up your free account.
    • Then simply click on the link we’ll send you by email  just before 8PM. You’ll be able to hear and see Chriissie live during the event. In you have your camera and microphone active you’ll be able join in the conversation too!

    The webinar will last approximately 1 hour including a short group meditation and time for feedback. It’s a lovely way to learn and share the Divine energy of this powerful being with a like-minded group.


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One of the most satisfying ways of connecting to the angelic realms and all the creative energies, as well as being one of the most grounding, is in nature, and in particular working in the garden. Here are my thoughts...…