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Angel Workshops

Angel Workshops in Co. Donegal, Ireland
Individual one-day workshops to help you discover your calling, connect with your guides and angels and learn more about your spiritual impulse.

Cost: €65 for one workshop or €110 for both days (saving 20 Euro) including refreshments and a free angel gift at each workshop.

€20 deposit required



Chrissie is offering two exclusive workshops in Ireland in February 2017. Book now with a deposit of just €20.



Day One: Saturday 11th Feb 2017
(10.30 am - 4.30 pm)

“The Angels of Saint Teresa of Avila”
This diminutive yet mighty little nun travelled around Spain completely transforming the monastic order. Her passion and drive to reintroduce spiritual principles into the corruption she found was, driven by angelic visions.

This fascinating and feisty character was the topic of one of Chrissie Astell's personal University research projects. Come along and ‘feel’ that energy and passion for yourself as you are introduced to some of the medi-evil history surrounding her lifetime during the monastic reformation.

As founder of the Carmelite (shoe-less) order, following her many visions, she broke through boundaries and unlike many of her peers such as her friend St John of the Cross, escaped the cruelty of the Spanish Inquisition. Her book 'The Interior Castle' became a seminal text in the mystic power of prayer, as she leads the reader along the mystical journey of the soul’s path back to God.

Chrissie’s insightful and inspirational workshop will take you through the seven stages towards the interior castle, and include the fascinating story of Saint Teresa, and as we tune in to the same angelic guidance for ourselves, we too may discover where we are on our true soul’s journey.

Day Two: Sunday 12th February: 
(10.30 am - 4.30 pm)

"Healing with the Light of Angels

In recent months, whilst writing her latest book “Seven Steps into the Angel Light”, Chrissie’s research has been guided by higher powers and Arch Angel Metatron to reveal scientific proof to back up her own profound insights into the powerful healing characteristics of not only angels, but of the properties of ‘Light’ itself.  

Many of us have a deep connection with the angels - or Light Beings, now we can begin to understand how this connection actually works. Quantum Physics may provide the science, technology, and the knowhow, but Chrissie will help you cross that bridge between science and spirituality. Our eyes see by the light, we measure distance by the speed of light, our bodies are filled with light and here in Chrissie’s unique style, with no-nonsense clarity, we can discover how to heal our body, mind and spirit with the same 'Divine' Light. It is very powerful and all about connecting with and understanding that we are light beings, then learning how to re-energise that light in every cell.

As humans we have disconnected the connection, and by realising and receiving an angelic blessing with attunement for our own healing. Chrissie will give everyone this attunement at the workshop as part of the healing day.

Don’t miss this wonderfully ‘en-Lightening’ opportunity to share the Healing Light for yourself!

* Use angelic healing LIGHT energies to raise consciousness.

* Develop deeper self-knowledge and wisdom.

* Discover your soul purpose.

* Open up to pure, unconditional love.

* Use techniques for protection and grounding.

* Transmute negative feelings into positive energy.

* Feel an increased sense of inner peace

* Encourage others to open their hearts to forgiveness and healing.


The workshops are being held at The Inishowen Gateway Hotel in Donegal, a 3 star property located on the Inishowen peninsula, North East Donegal, an area of outstanding natural beauty and the hidden treasure of Donegal’s stunning landscape. Located only a short 15 minute drive from Derry and 30 minutes from Letterkenny, our Hotel In Donegal offers an ideal base to explore the surrounding area and the Wild Atlantic Way route.

You can book individual workshops at €65 for one day (either day) or €110 for both days (saving 20 Euro). This includes tea and coffee refreshments.

The Inishowen Gateway Hotel has kindly offered the following
* 2 nights Bed and Breakfast with 2 evening meals €109 per person sharing

* 1 night Bed and Breakfast with 1 evening meal €67.50 per person sharing

Due to limited numbers you will need to book your place with a booking deposit of €20 payable to Ann Marie Donagher, Inishowen Gateway Hotel.

Contact: Ann Marie 
Mobile: 0860373330 
Landline: 0749721013