Angel of Communication

“I connect with the Oneness of all creation, as I communicate from the heart.”


When you step down from the ‘ego’ mind into the heart you find the best way to communicate with joy and gratitude, from the voice of your true self.

The Angel of Communication can help you to deepen the understanding between yourself and others by combining your thoughts and feelings. Then your words and feelings become like the lyrics and melody of a beautiful song, harmoniously flowing with ease. If you are struggling to find the best way to communicate a difficult issue, or with someone you find intimidating or ‘prickly’… first spend a few moments meditating on what exactly you need to express and then ask the angel to guide you to the right time, and the appropriate words.

When you communicate calmly from the heart rather than your ego, and for the best outcome for all concerned, know that the Angels are with you, and trust their guidance.

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