Angel of Discovery

“My life is a wonderful journey of discovery.”


Around every turn is a new experience, along every pathway a chance to meet with someone or something which will offer the opportunity of growth. We are never alone on our journey, even though it may appear that way.

Although it may sometimes seem as though we have to walk the long journey, wherever it may lead us, all on our own… and even when the challenges might seem too hard to take… we are always in the presence of angels who are sent to us to guide and guard us. When the journey becomes tricky, and before we allow ourselves to buckle under the pressure, it is essential to transform our thoughts into the positive.

Think of your favourite places -at home, in your town or village, in the world. Send thanks to the Universe for all the wonderful places, people and animals in the world. Do the same for all your favourite foods and pastimes… and then think of all your achievements. You are an amazing human being! What a life, and what an incredible journey… with a grateful heart now thank yourself for that.

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