Angel of Purpose

I am ready and willing to live in accordance with my soul’s purpose.”

Your soul yearns to fulfil it’s purpose in life – to express your true self. Consider your present career, your personal life and beliefs, and take a close review of all the steps that led you to this point. Some challenges may have been difficult, but every experience has brought you to where you are now, and to the person that you have become. If any of the situations you find yourself in fill you with negative emotions, make you tired or even ill… then you are not where you are meant to be!

Anything which fills you with energy and positivity is vital to your soul’s purpose. If anything needs changing, and perhaps only in small ways, invite the angels of purpose to be present and to help you move forward.

As you spend more time following your heart, you will attract positive energy. This, in turn, will manifest opportunities that enable you to fulfil your purpose.

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