Why You Should Be At The Spiritual Masterclass

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12th-14th October 2018 – Stansted, Essex

Do you want to run your own workshop programme, perhaps in the healing arts, or as a spiritual teacher? Perhaps you already run a study group or workshop programme and want to learn new techniques for generating interest and managing group dynamics in this intense setting? If so, this Masterclass is for you. You’ll be working with Chrissie in a small group to develop the critical skills and knowledge you need to facilitate spiritual learning and growth in others.

  • Learn about group work, dynamics, learning styles and personality types to enable you to create a positive, effective learning environment for everyone.
  • Develop the skills needed to teach spiritual work – including ‘icebreakers’, creating a safe space, meditation, energy work and practical activities.
  • Create a checklist of elements from which you can begin developing your workshop programmes, including teaching Chrissie’s ‘Seven Steps’ angel programme if you wish.
  • Hone and rehearse your presentation skills with new ideas and practice sessions.
  • Learn how to deal with challenging situations such as spiritual ’emergencies’, disruptive participants and the unexpected.

The Masterclass is a key component towards the Diploma in Spiritual Workshop Facilitation.