Chrissie, I have to tell you something and I don’t know why I didn’t say it at the time, perhaps it was not completely clear at the moment you asked  – but when you asked me, after I had  left the house with my gift, if I had opened the box I answered ‘no’  but I didn’t need to because the box was partially opened and I could see a gold velvet lining. When I opened the box fully there was a silver key lying there, an old fashioned fairly big key. I have the box with the key but don’t know where it fits.

How does this change things or does it change anything you said to me?

Many thanks again. Love and Blessings. Madelon


Keys are very often experienced in meditations and they are said to be given as you complete one phase and move into the next. A form of ‘initiation’ if you like into the next stage of development. They can also be seen to be an invitation to move along your path. Now that you have been given the key you will see that your willingness and intention to be of service will literally ‘open the door’ to new opportunities.
The gold velvet lining is a beautiful gift. Gold always signifies the strong masculine elements of the sun, of God, and can never fade or tarnish. The velvet would, I feel, represent the nurturing and gentleness that also comes with God’s love. The gentle yet strong support of Divine Love is holding the key!!!
How lovely!

Hope that helps………….(all the clues to spiritual symbolism are in the little ‘Gifts from the Angels’ book which comes as part of the course, I think it was integrated into part two, if not sent separately.)

Love and warm wishes