Dear Chrissie,

I have just been on the Angel Light website and read some lovely messages. I actually met you a few months ago now, and i have to say it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and listen to you. I felt very impowered and inspired after our meeting. I read my Advice from Angels book you gave me frequently and find it really helpful.

I wanted to share my Angel story with you. It’s a story i regularly share with people, when im explaining how i came to believe in Angels.

Im going back a few years now, but my elderly Grandma was unfortunately admitted to hospital, her health wasnt great and she deteriorated quite rapidly after admission. She kept having these “turns” were the family was regularly contacted to go to hospital as my Grandma was about to die.

On one of these occasions, the family were gathering in the hospital’s family room, and the doctor’s and nurses were with my Grandma, and we were told she wouldn’t make it. As you can imagine we were all quite upset, but then the nurse entered the room and said she had pulled through and was comfortable. We all gathered around my Grandma’s bedside, and she was quite alert and smiling and talking to us all. The nurse then came to us, and explained that whilst my Grandma was ‘out of it’ a single white feather floated down and landed on my Grandma, she then went on to explain how they don’t use feathers in any of their bedding and dont have them anywhere in the hospital because its a sterile environment and they’re an irritant to patients who have allergies.

The nurse had kept the feather, which my Aunty still has. My Grandma died about a week later, but i believe it was her Angel giving her a little bit more time with her family to say goodbye.

I miss my Grandma terribly, but when she left this world, she actually left me with a special, beautiful gift…….believing in Angels!! I have been reading and learning about Angels ever since, and i know the Angels are with me all the time, guiding me.

Many thanks again!!

Tracey Davies.x