A story that lightened my heart. I was made redundant a couple of months ago, but was fortunate enough to get two interviews on the same day. Because of my situation I had no money for the bus fare, therefore had decided to walk, 8 miles to one interview and 4 to the other. On my way there I spoke to the Angels, just wishing to find a £5 note on the ground. As I was walking my brooch fell off my lapel, not wishing to loose it I decided to put it in my purse, as I opened my purse, a £10 note blew past me, exclaiming surprise I turned round to see a man pick it up, and seeing me with my purse open, he said, “there you are love!” I was so shocked, I looked around but could see nobody else searching.

So, “thank you Angels!” you truly did look after me that day.

Best wishes Margaret.