I was having some fever type symptoms where everytime I ate I had a hot flush through my body and was very concerned as my father had diabetes, so I booked an appointment to see the doctor and have my blood sugar tested, on the drive in a message kept coming into my head, test for cholesterol, test for cholesterol, test for cholesterol, as soon as I sat down for the blood test I said, can you test my cholesterol, the doctor asked why and I mentioned it kept coming into my head so she did. I had never had any trouble with cholesterol nor had my immediate family, so was not too concerned, I was more concerned about diabetes, during the appointment the Dr asked what I was drinking and eating and I mentioned Diet Coke, she asked me to come off it for 48 hours and all of the symptoms started to subside which was great so I didnt worry much about anything else, when the results came back everything was perfect, except the cholesterol it was at a dangerous level of 7.9, I and the Dr were both astonished at the level of the reading, I altered my diet and the cholesterol went down, as cholesterol symptoms are mostly hidden there was no way I would have checked if the message didnt come into my head, my angel as always were protecting me that day.

Norah Coyne, Ireland