My name is Melissa and I saw a message on your website asking for help with angel experiences for a book you are writing. I’m sure this isn’t something that will be worthy of mention in your book, but it did get me thinking that you might like to hear about it anyway…

Following an enlightening trip to the recent York Health and Healing festival, I have been exploring the world of crystals and angels in depth. Partly thanks to your talk, and receiving a card with Archangel Michael; and also thanks to a conversation and subsequent guidance from a crystal expert. Both yourself and the lovely crystal lady advised me on protection, as I’m very sensitive and empathic. Further to a back injury that recently (quite literally) brought me to a standstill, I’ve been focussing intently on healing and meditation.

When ‘asking’ during a meditation what I needed to heal fully from my back pain, the clear intuition I received was ‘red jasper and Archangel Michael’ – also that I needed to work on cutting cords. The cutting of cords with Archangel Michael was something that resonated strongly with me during your talk, so since then I’ve found a meditation and have been working on it. The experiences I have are too varied and long for this particular email, but they are incredibly powerful and lovely. This particular experience isn’t directly connected to the cutting of cords but it does involve Michael.

Firstly I’d like to say that I’ve been asking for help from angels for a good number of years now, it’s a daily part of my life that I ask for help and support – and they always answer. However, just recently I’ve been paying a lot more attention, and the messages are getting even clearer. I also haven’t specifically worked with Archangels before now, I’ve just always made the general request to ‘angels’. However, due to my recent exploration of cord cutting, and focussing on your card, I’ve been becoming quite familiar with the image and support of Archangel Michael. I resonate very strongly with crystals, so I find them a perfect complement to working with angels. Last night I ‘asked’ as to what crystal I needed to be working with at this particular time. In my mind I received the answer ‘jasper’ – As I already mentioned I’d received red jasper during meditation already, but this time it was just ‘jasper’ and then ‘yellow jasper’ too.

Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m deciding things myself, or if I’m receiving a message – and because of the two colours I was a little unsure. I needed some clarification… So today, when on Amazon planning to order the crystals I decided to ask ‘Angels please send me a clear sign that I will understand – as to whether the jasper I need to work with is red, yellow or both?’ I closed my eyes and then opened them, and paid attention for the next few moments. Almost instantly my eye was drawn to a number of images of books on the screen that contained both red and yellow.

Confident having worked with angels before I said ‘thank you’ and laughed and was quite content to go off and order both red and yellow Jasper, problem solved! However, the angels clearly wished to give me an even better signal just to make sure, as when I went back into my email I happened to notice that the folder I’ve created in my inbox for your newsletter was open. I smiled to myself and thought, hey why not, I’ll just follow my intuition for a bit longer and go to Chrissie’s website. All the while I was thinking to myself ‘this is just me being daft though, it’s not like I need to, I’m taking this intuition thing a step too far….’ After all, I’ve recently read your blog, and received your newsletter, what could there possibly be for me to see? Still I typed your URL into the browser and up popped your home page, where my eye was instantly drawn to the image of Archangel Michael, clearly standing on background of red and yellow…. I think my request for assistance was received loud and clear! It really made me laugh out loud.

Needless to say I placed the order and my red AND yellow crystals are on their way. I look forward to working with them, and the angels further.

Kind Regards, ML

PS. The whole time I was typing this message I kept feeling little light brushes of something against my back and my hair, very like the brush of feathers – I’ve got used to the fact that this means my angels think something’s a good idea!