I would love to read about other peoples angel stories. The one I would like to tell you is one I had in August 2002 – I hope it is not too boring I had finished some work on my house making a new back yard (patio) and as I was sitting on my new patio I wondered if I was doing the right thing – by taking a risk and doing and teacher training course to start in September 2002 I am middle aged so it was quite a challenge – I prayed to whoever it is to give me a sign that I was in the right place for me I looked up into the night sky and there in the cloud formation was a huge cloud in the shape of an angel – yes I know it may seem odd and it does not bother me if people do not believe me, but it made me feel I was in the right direction I have now completed the course and it was a challenge but I am so pleased with myself that I have risen to the challange Now I am sitting here hoping for some more angelic help to get a job in teaching!!!! As I don’t seem to be getting any joy – but maybe I will be able to email you another story
Love and light” – Sally