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AngelLight’s store page is your one-stop shop for all of the best Spiritual products in Essex. Chrissie has written numerous books and two beautiful angel card sets, as well as recorded guided visualisations and meditations. Many are available via bookstores and online retailers. But you also order some of her products in digital editions copies here, for immediate download in PDF or MP3 format. Follow the links below to order.

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Spiritual Products - Seven Steps Into Angel Light

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Chrissie takes you on a seven-step journey of inspiring exercises, prayers, affirmations and guided visualizations that will guide you to harness the incredible power of angels to live a happier, more fulfilled life. Her warm, nurturing guidance on tapping into the positive energy of the angels will help you to:

  • Find your True Purpose
  • Uncover your Inner Wisdom & Creativity
  • Let Go of Fear & Learn to Protect Yourself
  • Discover Self-Healing
  • Love More Deeply
  • Embrace Personal Transformation
  • Be a Beacon of Light in your Wider Community

“A completely practical guide to harnessing the power of the angels in your everyday life. Anyone wanting to learn more about working with angels will be wisely and lovingly guided by this book.” Deb Hawken, author of Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place?

“In this book Chrissie has achieved the almost impossible task of translating her face-to-face charisma and ‘presence’ into the written word. If you can’t get onto a course with Chrissie herself, this book is the next best thing.” Dr Carl Stonier PhD, psychotherapist, Energy Psychology practitioner

“I absolutely love this book, not only for its priceless wealth of angelic information, but because the angels have showered their radiance through every word.” Dianne Pegler, author of The Sacred Order Of The Magi

Spiritual Products - Gifts from Angels

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Angels show themselves to us in countless different ways and we may not always be aware of the help they can give. What better way to discover and celebrate the transforming powers of angels than to read a brilliant collection of real-life encounters … dip in now and be moved and inspired.

The real-life angel encounters in this book have changed lives – bringing reassurance, guidance, healing and hope. Now these touching first-hand accounts of the angels and their gifts can change your life too. Chrissie shares her own wonderful experiences, and those of many correspondents, colleagues, friends, students and readers, to show how angels are working tirelessly to protect you from harm – and to help you to find love, well-being, success and happiness.

Stories include:

Kay, who was helped by the Archangel Michael to find her soul mate at the age of 58

Chris, the non-swimmer, whose guardian angel helped her to breathe under water for 10 minutes until rescue came

A little lost boy safely brought back home to his family

Spiritual Products - Gifts from your angels CD


The A-Z Guide To Angelic Gifts

“Over the years that I have been facilitating workshops I have found that many people are shown symbols or given gifts from the angels in their guided visualisations. It would seem that the recipient is often awakening to a spiritual call, and about to embark on the next stage of a spiritual awareness. There are so many moments of recognition on the faces of the participants, once an explanation is given. I believe these ‘gifts’ are meant to be a clue for spiritual destination, or of a symbolic initiation into the next stage of development.” – Chrissie

‘Gifts From The Angels’ provides an A-Z interpretation for many of these common gifts and symbols. It should be kept to hand when meditating or communing directly with angels. Although there are many ways in which angels communicate with us, meditation often provides the most spiritual form of contact. Included is an example of one particularly powerful visualisation, ‘The Seven Doors’, in the book and as an accompanying meditation. Use this or any suitable guided meditation as a starting point, or simply relax and allow yourself to drift in quiet reflection. This is a perfect companion to any of Chrissie’s guided visualisation,s books or card sets and is included as part of the home study programme, Educating Heart & Soul.

Spiritual Products - Discovering Archangels CD


In this EIGHT meditation set, Chrissie guides you through a visualisation with each of the Great Archangels. Using Chrissie’s unique style, along with new musical tracks, these meditations are a delightful way to discover the presence and power of the Archangels.

Gabriel brings you news and great joy. Work with this energy of new beginnings to develop your sense of purpose and ask for the gift of wisdom.

Michael and the Angels of Truth and Protection will offer you help to overcome fear and cut the blocks and ties that bind you.

Tap into the healing energy of Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Healing for self-healing and the healing of others.

Uriel and the Angels of Peace offer gifts of lasting inner peace and harmony. Call on Uriel to help you become a spiritual warrior.

Work with Archangel Jophiel and the angels of illumination to develop your inner beauty and enhance your ability to co-create.

Work with Chamuel the great archangel, and the angels of love, to examine self esteem and relationships in this meditation

Archangel Zadkiel and the angels of the Violet Flame, to address negativity and bring the gift of transformation.

Each meditation lasts around 15 minutes, and a separate track of the music is also included for your own meditation, relaxation or reflection.

In addition there’s a bonus meditation, The Beach, which takes you on a journey to release blocks and fears that may be holding you back in your spiritual development.

PLEASE NOTE: these meditations are included as part of the home study course, Educating Heart & Soul.


One of Chrissie’s most popular CDs, On The Wings is now available as a digital collection. Featuring two specially created guided visualisations to enhance your spiritual practice and connect you to the angelic dimension.

The first is a beautiful and powerful exercise for cleansing and purifying the mind, third eye, throat and heart. It is designed to help you let go and detach from the energy you hold as truth, but that may actually belong to other influential people such as parents or partners and not belong to your own true self. The visualisation will invite you to call on your guardian angels and guides for any signs or messages that may help you on the journey.

The second visualisation invites your guardian angel to stand with you and help you to discover the strength in your unused angel wings. all you have to do is bask in the light and enjoy the warm loving experience.

The meditations feature the music of Mark Hughes, composer of The Angel Song and The Power of One. Mark’s album ‘It Whispers Love’ spent over 2 months in the top 10 section of CD WOW’s unsigned chart and he performs regularly around the world.

Both tracks are included with and without Chrissie’s guided visualisations.

PLEASE NOTE: these meditations are included as part of the home study course, Educating Heart & Soul.

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This CD features a spoken guided meditation by Chrissie and music by Llewellyn, composer of JOURNEY TO THE TEMPLE and REIKI. A beautiful recording that takes you on a journey to meet your Guardian Angel. The music has been carefully and lovingly arranged by Llewellyn with the guidance of the angelic forces and contains all the elements you may wish to use in your own guided visualisation to journey with the angels. However, you may decide to simply allow yourself to drift into the beautiful places that the harmonious sounds intuitively bring into the imagery of your mind. By inviting the many different angels closer into our daily life and receiving the guidance of our guardian angel we reconnect with that which we crave, to re-ignite the spark of the Divine within each of us.
PRICE: £14.99


The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 was hailed as the greatest manuscript find of the age. These were the only writings which have survived from a period which saw the beginnings of Christianity and modern Judaism. They were the oldest extant Biblical scrolls. The discovery created enormous interest in Qumran and the Essenes. Having distanced themselves from the corrupt practices of the Temple priests in Jerusalem, the Essenes followed their leader to live a strict ascetic life in the desert – preparing for the expected end times and a new world order. The community was greatly admired for the way they shared everything in common. The Essenes were a well-ordered, self-sufficient community where the scribes must have spent many hours daily working on the scrolls.

In her book, The New Essenes, Sophie Edwards describes the beautiful poetic translations of the Scrolls, along with Biblical and other ancient texts, by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. We owe him a great debt, not only for the translations but for being among the pioneers to introduce the idea of wholistic health through living in harmony with nature.

Edwards also highlights the daily communions with the Angels that all Essenes followed as part of their daily spiritual practice, and which are still followed today by those commited to the Essene way of life. We’ve added a summary guide to the daily communions and a CD recording featuring Chrissie and others.


Or you can order a signed set direct from Chrissie


Communicating with angels can bring comfort, wisdom, and answers to life’’s most significant questions. Making contact couldn’’t be simpler now, thanks to this beautifully presented gift set, reprinted for 2018. In addition to a deck of 52 specially-commissioned inspirational cards, all with sumptuous four-color illustrations, it includes a guide book which explains how to contact angels and invoke their assistance in your daily life. The deck is arranged into four suits around the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. Just choose a card and refer to the corresponding page in the book to find enlightening interpretations and affirmations, or try one of the special ‘readings’ described in the book. You can also enrol on Chrissie’s comprehensive angel card reading course, Angel Insight, which provides full training on using these cards to give a wide range of readings for yourself and others.


Chrissie’s older products are listed here with links where appropriate. Many are out of print or production but you may be able to find used copies or collectibles.