Diploma Programme

Spiritual Workshop Diploma


Do you want to run your own workshop programme, perhaps in the healing arts, or as a spiritual teacher? Perhaps you already run a study group or workshop programme and want to learn new techniques for generating interest and managing group dynamics in this intense setting? If so, the Diploma in Spiritual Workshop Facilitation will give the confidence, tools and techniques to run safe, effective and successful workshops and retreats of your own. You can even become authorised to run Chrissie’s ‘Seven Steps’ angel workshops if you wish.

The full Diploma requires the completion of these elements:

1.  The Educating Heart & Soul home study course. This can be taken before or in parallel with the other elements, so you do not have to complete the course before attending the Masterclass or Marketing programme. You can access this course by clicking here.

2. The Spiritual Facilitation Masterclass – a two day workshop to teach and empower you to work with groups and facilitate your own profitable and effective workshops or retreats.

3. A Final Assessment with the course leaders once you have run your first event (with our support) and award of your Diploma Certificate.

YOU CAN TAKE THESE ELEMENTS AT ANY TIME. Many people choose to study the three elements in parallel and then complete the final assessment. This would typically take 10-12 months.

The programme will give you the knowledge and practical skills to create a workshop programme of your own, build lasting relationships with your students, and create a lucrative second income. As an accredited AngelLight workshop facilitator you’ll also be able to run Chrissie’s ‘Seven Steps’ angel workshops if you wish, using the worksheets and materials she uses, and draw on support from the team at AngelLight.

Chrissie has been running successful spiritual development and angel workshops for more than 20 years and is a gifted facilitator, with a degree in Comparative Religion and post-graduate qualifications in spiritual development, teaching and facilitation.

The programme is designed to help you learn and practice the key skills you need to be a successful workshop facilitator yourself, and to organise and run events effectively and profitably.


Who is it for?


Holistic practitioners, therapists, spiritual teachers, and those who want to develop their own teaching programmes, workshops, seminars or study groups. Also ideal for those who already run workshops or retreats but want to enhance their facilitation skills and learn new techniques for promotion and marketing.


What will you learn?


Over the course of the programme you will learn:


  • How to act as a group facilitator in a small group setting (ie workshops, seminars, study groups etc)
  • Understanding spiritual energies and how they can affect groups
  • Protecting yourself and others from negative energy
  • Interpersonal skills for working with individuals and small groups
  • Presentation and speaking skills with practice and review
  • Exercises you can use for developing rapport, creating the right atmosphere, bringing people together, dealing with blocks and fears, etc
  • Dealing with difficult situations and people
  • Step by step plans for creating your first group event (workshop or study group)
  • Planning and logistics for managing events



“I loved the workshop. I thought it was excellent and incredibly worthwhile. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone going on to facilitate workshops.” – Laura Taylor

“…a very worthwhile workshop both in terms of how it was presented and content. I had an unexpected bonus at a personal level in my awareness of what’s been holding me back.” – Tanya Davis

“I loved the two days and would like to thank Chrissie, Richard and Maggie for sharing their knowledge and experience with us in such a professional and fun manner.” – Nicola Golden

Certification and Diploma Award

At the end of each stage you will be awarded Certificates of Completion – these are your steps towards attaining a Diploma in Spiritual Workshop Facilitation. Once you’ve completed all the elements of the programme and run your first event with Chrissie’s support you’ll be awarded your diploma certification.