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"Being The Angel You Are" - Guided Meditation

by Chrissie Astell

The Winged Blessings angel cards are designed to provide personally empowering messages using pictures and images that contain simple visual symbolism combined with inspiring quotes and wisdom. The idea is that they are simple, yet meaningful to as many people as possible. We wanted to give everyone a set of tools to enhance their angelic connection to bring inspiration, guidance and comfort from the angelic realms.

Each time the cards are used, by connecting with the original energy of the angels, those using them with good intentions will receive guidance on many levels to help them along their personal, spiritual life journey. All the cards contain a positive message and you do not need psychic skills or highly developed clairvoyance to get the best from them. Just an open, generous heart is required, and a genuine desire to connect with your celestial guardians.

The cards are split into six ‘suits’, and for each suit there is a ‘master card’ and then a series of ‘winged cards’, except for one suit which is illustrated with faerie images. All of the images were painted by spiritual artist Debbie McIntee. Although many are similar, it is worth noting the small differences in colours, textures and styles, all of which can offer subtle meanings.

In addition to the cards and guide, you’ll also find a guided visualisation that you can download. Meditation is a powerful technique for enhancing your spiritual growth, but is also the perfect way to prepare before using the cards and to reflect when you have completed a reading.

We would also urge you to join our community of like-minded souls around the globe by signing up for to the mailing list. You’ll receive additional weekly guidance in the form of affirmations, prayers, stories and videos from Chrissie and Debbie. The mailing list is never shared, and you can unsubscribe at any time if you find it doesn’t suit your needs.

Our intentions as a Spiritual Educator and a Spiritual Artist are always to empower and enable people to learn how to access Divine guidance for themselves. These cards were not intended as tools for ‘fortune telling’ but as a guide for personal and spiritual growth. By using the symbolism of the cards, messages, and additional meanings in this guide, everyone can learn to intuitively ‘feel’ the energy of the cards and discover something meaningful. Everyone, children especially, love the beautiful colours and sparking light emanating from them.

There are no negative messages, the Angels are always positive, loving and supportive. They come to you with a great deal of love.

Angel blessings,

Chrissie Astell & Debbie McIntee

Chrissie Astell

Chrissie Astell


“I have always been fascinated by the human desire to connect with the angelic realms. They appear in almost every culture, faith and religion, since the dawn of mankind. In this rapidly changing world of uncertainty, one thing is for sure: a universal source of guidance and love is easily accessible. We have been given the gift of angels. A gift for us to accept with gratitude, or to ignore. The choice is ours.”

Chrissie Astell is one of the UK’s best-loved spiritual educators and angel experts.  Following a visionary angelic experience in 1997, she is the author of four books, most recently Gifts From Angels (Watkins). Through her writing and teaching, Chrissie’s inspirational charisma and exceptional skill as a heart-centred facilitator have brought thousands of people into closer relationship with angelic guardians, healing energies and universal love.

Having worked as a registered nurse specialising in the care of the elderly and dying, Chrissie has had direct experience of the profound effect of the loving and healing energy of angels.  Her 1997 vision of ‘an angel carrying a heart’ led her to dedicate her life to helping people to connect with their own guardian angels.

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Debbie McIntee

Debbie McIntee


“I have always had a creative career which has taken me in many different directions, including studying Interior Design and acquiring a master craftsman status in specialist paint effects. These skills have enabled me to experiment and find the style that allows me to express myself through my art. I am now on my true path as the doors keep opening for me, and I have been guided to create textured abstract art using a variety of mediums.”

Debbie’s work is individually created by hand with palette knives and brushes and is heavily textured to give a unique finish. Once finished she intuitively chooses a crystal and places it on the back of the canvas with a guided message. When creating bespoke, commissioned pieces Debbie works with your energy and the crystal of your choice if you would prefer that.

Since starting her art business, Soulful Creations, Debbie has begun offering beautiful homeware, decorated with her paintings and ‘blessings’. She also runs regular classes on spiritual expression through art in which participants create their very own piece.

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