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Life-changing retreats to some of the world’s most beautiful and spiritual destinations, with Chrissie Astell.

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Chrissie Astell Nile Cruise Spiritual Retreat
Chrissie Astell Crete Spiritual Retreat
Chrissie Astell Carcassonne Spiritual Retreat
Chrissie Astell Jordan Israel Spiritual Retreat
Chrissie Astell Nile Cruise Spiritual Retreat

01-13th September 2023 Nile cruise (register)

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Chrissie Astell Crete Spiritual Retreat

21st – 28th September 2022


West Crete is a centre of heightened spiritual energy where you will find healing and angelic love. By taking part in our daily meditations you’ll have the opportunity to draw nourishment and healing from your breathwork, and conscious connection with the angelic realms. Together we’ll have fun and exploration on day trips and personal development sessions, and with plenty of time to relax and unwind by the pool or on the beach for personal relaxation.

The healing energy of Crete is exceptional. There is a magical quality felt by everyone who comes with me on these retreats, especially in unspoilt Kissamos, West Crete, that calls people back year after year. That ‘special quality’ is the over-lighting energy of Divine angelic healing. This beautiful island is an etheric Ashram, a concentrated and heightened spiritual energy, of Archangel Raphael, and the Ascended Master Hilarion where deep healing and self-discovery takes place.

What will we be doing?

The magic builds during our retreat as we take part in morning meditations, (maybe after watching the sunrise together), followed by breakfast and a morning workshop connecting to one another, the angelic realms, and the universal energies of discovery and healing. A light lunch is followed by free afternoons to relax, visit local sites and process and share our experiences. You may treat yourself to a yoga session, deep massage, a personal one-on-one session with me to look at any personal issues, or for a card reading, or just stay by the relaxing pool at the Hotel Peli and soak up the rays or read in the shade!


As your experienced facilitator, angelic healer, and group leader, I’m on hand every afternoon for healings, readings or one to one coaching on personal issues that might come bubbling to the surface.

After over twenty years of bringing lovely groups of people to West Crete, it feels like a second home to me.

Come and share the vibe!


**Currently UK residents are welcomed for the Summer of 2021. Exceptionally high standards are maintained by Peli and her staff at the hotel, and all our favourite restaurants and bars are open with ‘covid’ safety standards being carefully adhered to. Mask wearing in public places, including the hotel reception is required. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


The price of this retreat is £875 per person, based on sharing a twin room, (not including flights). Lots of people come on their own, and that’s fine. We can organise a sole-occupancy room for you with a £140 single room hotel supplement. All the rooms are ensuite, and this friendly, family-run Hotel Peli is literally across the road from the beautiful sandy Maria beach (beach towels provided).

The price includes:

  1. Wonderful Cretan hospitality including your buffet Greek-style (homegrown) breakfast,
  2. mid-morning refreshments,
  3. ‘Mamma’s’ lunch,
  4. all your meditations
  5. excursions
  6. Morning workshops. You book your own convenient flights to Chania where you will be met. Transfers will be organised, but these are not included in the price. However, I do try to encourage everyone to arrive around the same time so that sharing keeps the transfer cost to a minimum.

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Chrissie Astell Carcassonne Spiritual Retreat

MARCH 2023

This popular retreat is for 8 people only. (Register your interest now for 2023) 


We’ve enlisted the services of a great guide, Fred Fons,  whose knowledge (and personal research) of the Cathars and secrets of Mary Magdalene is exemplary, and not only that, he is a personal friend of one of the co-authors of the book ‘Holy Blood Holy Grail’ on which Dan Brown’s book The DaVinci Code was based.

What will we be doing?

We will discover the mysterious past of Rennes le Chateau, take part in a healing walk of the outer medieval wall of the old ‘cité’ of Carcassonne, and visit other Cathar castles and beautiful villages in the Languedoc region learning of the truths and tragedies of the courage, strength and faith of those we know as the ‘Cathars’.

Together we will hold a beautiful healing ceremony on the top of Montsegur where the final surrender of the Cathars took place, surrounded by the fabulous valleys and snow-capped mountains.

We can connect to the energy


Book your own flight, (not included in the price).


Price includes transfers (from Carcassonne airport assuming everyone arriving at the same time, and departing together). Our own minibus and guided tour for two full days and one half-day, and a visit to the local French markets on Sunday. All guided group Meditations (we shall be there for the Spring Equinox) and facilitated group processing.

Price including all the above based on 8 people is £835.

STRICTLY on a FIRST TO BOOK basis to me at :

What people said about last years’ Carcassonne retreat:

“I heard about the trip from a friend. Not having done any of these trips before I had no what to expect. It was a magical trip from start to finish. I met the most amazing group of people. We gelled as a group so well. Everyone we dealt with was very warm and welcoming. The gites were so beautiful and Honor was a very good hostess. Fred our guide was local and very passionate about the history of his area. I loved all the beautiful little towns we visited. My favourite part was the trip to Montsegur. That was really special. I also loved Carcassonne. I would have loved a little more time there. The trip definitely stirred something in me that makes me want to explore my spirituality more. I absolutely loved the whole trip so thank you Chrissie for organizing it.”
Anne McNeill ( Dublin, Ireland)

“I certainly enjoyed the experience! Carcassonne was a place I had long since wanted to visit. With the added advantage of visits to follow the Magdalene story another passion of mine, it was a perfect time! Being with like-minded people and having a knowledgable personal guide make it was just about perfect.

I loved every aspect of our time in France! Each visit had its own highlights. Even the traveling was fun as we got to know each other really well and Fred told us about the histories of the area.

The experience had a profound effect on me and continues to do so! I feel I was meant to go to Carcassonne to help anchor the light and bring healing to the area. I also feel it was part of my personal journey to acknowledging things from previous lives. I also know now that it is an integral part of my journey which will continue this year in the Holy Land!!

I realise that we where meant to be together as a group. Everyone had so much to bring to the experience it really was wonderful from start to finish!!

Maison de la Roche is an oasis of calm! It’s a really beautiful venue and Honor made everyone feel like family! It is a really special place and I feel it enhanced the whole experience!!

 I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!! If I was to change anything I would make it longer.” Amanda Wilson (Cardiff, Wales)

“I would happily go back again and am looking forward to the next one with Chrissie in the Holy Land this year. Being with Chrissie and the group and using our collective energy and healing light into the areas that need it seems the most natural thing to do. I feel that we made a difference in an area that had a dark and sad past. This to me is the wonderful thing about Chrissie’s trips, that although you go for the experience and the history, you become involved in the healing process too.” Frances Smith (Brighton)

“I recently went on an amazing retreat to Carcassonne with Chrissie. From the moment we touched down at the airport to the return journey, everything was so well organised. Our very knowledgeable guide Fred Fons was a perfect fit for a group such as ours. He picked us up at the airport and brought us to the wonderful gites, Maisonette de la Roche, just approx 30 km in Ferals-Les-Corbières. There, Honor and the girls looked after our every need, cooking us mouth-watering meals in the evening and providing us with packed lunches (with treats) every day after setting us up with breakfast.  We also dined in a Michelin star restaurant, En-Catamini, which was just a stroll away in the village. This was magnificent.  Fred led us on an adventure from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, to Aigues-Mortes, Fanjeaux, Mirepoix, Rennes-le-Château, Bugarach mountain, Lagrasse and la cite de la Carcassonne. All of these destinations were unique and the knowledge both from Fred and Chrissie was almost spellbinding. We each had our own individual experiences and supported each other every step of the way. We made friends for life and found such a profound love for the area, that all of the group want to go back again, asap.

I cannot thank you enough Chrissie, for leading us on this beautiful journey, with your knowledge, wisdom, meditations, and your beautiful energy.  Please continue with this work because you touch so many lives.”      Mary Reidy (Galway, Ireland)























































































































































































































































































































































Chrissie Astell Jordan Israel Spiritual Retreat

I’m so happy to be able to offer the next ‘Holy Lands’ opportunity. Drop into your own truth and alignment, with the awe-inspiring energy of Universal consciousness to be embraced in this magnificent and ancient land.

12 Days,  May 2024 (Register your interest now) 



Come and embrace the ancient teachings and energies of the Ancient Essenes in Qumran, the essence of Jesus (Yeshua Ben Joseph) and Mary (Miriam) Magdalene in Galilee. Soak in the flowing healing energies as we gather to meditate together in Bethany, and as we sit in silent contemplation together in the Garden of Gethsemane. Connect with the angelic mysticism of Kabbalah in Safed, and take time to sense the spiritual energies at the sacred spaces where the ancient communities gathered. Experience the awe of ancient Petra, the healing salts of the ‘Dead’ Sea, and the baptismal waters of the River Jordan as we visit these impressive historical sites of the Holy Land together. Organised and booked with the expert care and attention to detail of Maranatha Tours UK.

Details here:



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e-Registration Form



To register your interest, click on the registration form and complete (no deposit required until 2024).

What people said on Facebook (unsolicited!) about their ‘Angels Abroad Retreat to Jordan, Israel, and the Holy Lands’

Words are not enough to describe what I think and feel about the Holy Land, you need to visit for yourself to ‘feel it’ in your heart. Truly lovely souls were met during my visit. Looking forward to next year.” Teresa B. Edinburgh

Absolutely wonderful journey with wonderful people!” Amanda W. Cardiff

I absolutely loved the trip. It was life affirming and life changing for me. I can’t wait until next year. I can’t recommend it highly enough as the Holy Land is so amazing. Having Chrissie leading it was so special.” Amanda P. Colchester

This was an amazing journey and trip of a lifetime. So many wonderful and lasting friendships formed. To visit these places was a dream of mine since very young. Even at school I did a project on Israel…This proves if you dream hard enough and visualise strong enough, all good things manifest in your reality… Thank you Chrissie for leading us to these special places. ”  Frances S. Brighton

“…Words are not enough – such a wonderful experience of a lifetime never to be forgotten – thank you Chrissie for giving me the opportunity. ” Jan P. Loughton.