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Chrissie welcomes correspondence by post or email and would love to hear of your experiences of contact with angels, spiritual enlightenment or miracles in your life. If you have enjoyed one of her books, CDs or workshops, please let us know. Chrissie tries to respond to all communications but please be patient. To contact Chrissie click here.


Taking My Breath Away

Hi Chrissie, I have just read the extracts of letters on the AngelLight site and would like to add my experience and also would ask if you could clarify one or two points for me after. I have not really had dealings that I know of with angels but I just get the...

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Check your Oil!

One Sunday I decided to go walking in the French Alps with a local club. Claire (light) was driving and Luz (light) was one of the passengers. On the scale of difficulty, the walk was rated as medium and although I hadn’t done much mountain walking recently, that...

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Prophecy or Angel?

After reading Harry Mulisch's The Procedure and quite a few short stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer that partly dealt with the Kabbalah, I took an interest in these teachings. An internet search led to a web site that probably was part of the New Age movement; it...

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Crystal Light

Hi Chrissie, Earlier this evening I did the crystal light meditation.The images i seen i am still thinking about them now and it 1.16 monday morning.They did not bother me at all and i have tried looking them up to explain them to me. I wonder if you could help me and...

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Safe Travels

Always, when I get into my car, I ask the angels to protect me while driving. I visualise angels all around my car taking me safely to my destination. Several years ago, I was driving on the Dublin/Galway road. Suddenly, just as I was accelerating in order to pass out...

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The Silver Key

Chrissie, I have to tell you something and I don't know why I didn't say it at the time, perhaps it was not completely clear at the moment you asked  - but when you asked me, after I had  left the house with my gift, if I had opened the box I answered 'no'  but I...

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Beanie’s Comfort

Hi Chrissie, I spoke to you at All Angels Day in Bury St Edmunds and promised I would relay my story. I’ll start at the beginning. I went through a rather messy divorce in 1995 and my 2 small boys and I were presented with a wonderful present from my sister, a male...

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Tracey’s Story

Dear Chrissie, I have just been on the Angel Light website and read some lovely messages. I actually met you a few months ago now, and i have to say it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and listen to you. I felt very impowered and inspired after our meeting. I read...

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Other Universes

Dear Chrissie, I am fascinated by the idea of Angels but I do not belong to, or believe in, any religion. I have had some strange experiences that are outside the day to day, and, I have a sneaking suspicion that other universes are very close to ours. I think these...

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Thank you, Angels!

Chrissie, A story that lightened my heart. I was made redundant a couple of months ago, but was fortunate enough to get two interviews on the same day. Because of my situation I had no money for the bus fare, therefore had decided to walk, 8 miles to one interview and...

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