Hi Chrissie,

Earlier this evening I did the crystal light meditation.The images i seen i am still thinking about them now and it 1.16 monday morning.They did not bother me at all and i have tried looking them up to explain them to me. I wonder if you could help me and explain them to me. i seen Jesus on the cross, and hands reaching up at the bottom of the cross. then in the clouds a oldish face appered not scarey but lots of white hair and a long white beard it was quiet a large face. i think i got a good idea what it might mean, but i wonder if you would explain to me , to see if i am opening up like i think i am . I hope you can understand this, i am not very good at putting things into words Love Vanda


Hello Vanda,
This is interesting isn’t it? Very deep stuff!!
Especially when it follows all the work you are thinking about with relation to the other world religions.
I think it may be related to your own beliefs in the Christian images of God the Father and the message of Christ that we have been fed over the centuries. Perhaps it is a vision asking you to look deeper at your reasons for believing whatever you do believe and perhaps stretching and opening these ideas a little. The whole idea of God as an ‘old man in the clouds’ has been fed to us through generations and it’s interesting that this is the image you saw…. perhaps you were subconsciously taking a closer look at the idea of ‘God the Father and God the Son?…this would also be raising the issue of ” hang on a minute – where does the mother come in here?” I wonder if it relates to what you have been reading about the Essenes ?  In their ideas the Earthly Mother makes up the third aspect of the triangle and there can be no ‘Father’ without the ‘Mother’ in creation too.

What really interests me – from a mystical perspective – is how these images are shown to us when we have been practicing a meditation, as though they are answers to questions we don’t even know we have asked!
Wonderful stuff Vanda.

Lots of love, and thank you for the gorgeous Christmas card with the little diamond heart, lovely!