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Welcome to AngelLight

AngelLight is here to inspire your thoughts, nourish your being, warm your heart and ignite the spark of Angel within you. To remind you that you are never alone. There is always an Angel by your side. Angels don’t have to prove themselves……they just ARE!

Travelling around the world over the last twenty years, Chrissie Astell has brought the message of angelic love and healing to hundreds of thousands of seekers, and has taught successful courses on the many varied aspects of spirituality in today’s world. She has written five books, published three oracle card sets and recorded numerous guided meditations, as well as creating in-depth home study courses on spiritual development and angel card reading, and a diploma programme for those who wish to train as workshop facilitators.

Chrissie also travels extensively, givings talks, running workshops and hosting her acclaimed Angels Abroad retreats to some of the most beautiful and spiritual places on Earth.

Chrissie is recognised widely in the spiritual media, writing for magazines such as ‘Spirit & Destiny’ and ‘Soul & Spirit.’ Her television appearances include the BBC’s Kilroy “I Believe in Angels”, ITV’s Christmas special “Angels are Everywhere”, and a BBC Everyman documentary on Angels, and she is a regular guest speaker on radio chat shows.

Details of Chrissie’s appearances, talks, workshops and retreats are available here. Follow her on her social media pages, or oin the newsletter to receive news, announcements and weekly inspiration via email and download a free guided meditation.

Chrissie also sees clients on a one-to-one basis offering Spiritual Development and Personal Healing to help people to find their way through the confusion of spiritual beliefs.

“One of the most highly qualified angel teachers I know, sharing well-researched information and spiritual practices in a holistic, loving and well-grounded way…”

William Bloom

Author of The Endorphin Effect and The Power of Modern Spirituality, Spiritual Companions Trust

“Chrissie Astell’s work is a continuing inspiration for those who tread the spiritual path. Grounded in a practical approach, it is over-lighted by powerful and positive angelic energies…”

Stuart Wilson

Author of, Beyond Limitations: The Power of Conscious Co-Creation

“A clear and practical pathway of angelic light that leads us beyond the visible world to a greater awareness of our own true spiritual nature.”

Sandy Stevenson

Speaker, facilitator and author of The Awakener, Light Ascension


Seven Steps Into Angel Light

The new book is now available! Join Chrissie on this seven-step journey of inspiring stories, exercises, prayers, affirmations and guided visualizations that will guide you to harness the incredible power of angels to live a happier, more fulfilled life. Her warm, nurturing guidance on tapping into the positive energy of the angels.

Chrissie is givings talks and workshops arsound the UK in support of the new book. Check the events listings for more information or click here…

FINAL EVENT: College of Psychic Studies, London – December 2nd



“I choose to be free, to be my true self”

Despite the constraints of everyday life, we all have free will, and exercising it is part of our spiritual journey.

The angels of freedom show you that you can choose to act in love, or react in fear. Trust your intuition and ask the angels to help you to follow your heart, break free from restrictions and soar high, acting out of love for yourself and others. Take the opportunities that the angels send, and give thanks for their help.



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Angel Affirmation - "I acknowledge my inner beauty with loving gratitude."