After reading Harry Mulisch’s The Procedure and quite a few short stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer that partly dealt with the Kabbalah, I took an interest in these teachings. An internet search led to a web site that probably was part of the New Age movement; it contained teachings from a vast variety of spiritual teachings, and there were also near future predictions to the found. I was told that I would encounter a blue light that very evening. Later on, that very evening, the prediction came true. I was in the living room, when a blue, intense but at the same time subtle light appeared and filled my world. Was it a seizure, a dream, a self fulfilling “prophecy” — or an angel? No matter what it was, the encounter led to three texts, one screenplay, and two novels (one published) that were filled with angels; that is, angels in the Swedenborgian sense — which is a bit strange, as I was unaware of Swedenborg’s teachings on angels until I read Christine Astell’s Discovering Angels (this, despite the fact that I have spent most of my life in Sweden).

– Emil, Stockholm , Sweden