Hi Chrissie,

I have just read the extracts of letters on the AngelLight site and would like to add my experience and also would ask if you could clarify one or two points for me after.

I have not really had dealings that I know of with angels but I just get the feeling recently that something is beginning to happen to me in this respect. I am currently studying Holistic Therapies and am getting very interested in Buddhism and things spiritual.

About 2 years ago I went to a medium who told me that I was going to have a change in the area of my career and that it would be to do with healing but that it was not a conscious decision of mine but that I was being guided into this area of work. At the time I had just started studying holistic therapies and was taken aback slightly.

Then a few months later I had an experience that just blew my away. I was in the process of buying a property abroad and had experienced a major problem with the title deeds but the problem had been resolved and the purchase was going through and I was talking to my daughter-in-law about it. I had just put the phone down when I got a very strong smell of my dad, or rather the smell of him when he had come in from work in his overalls when I was a little girl. He always used to go to kiss me and then rub his stubbly face against mine, it used to make him laugh.

Anyway, the scent started on the right side of my face and moved to the left side, the side he always used to rub. When my head had turned to the left to follow the smell I got a strong prickling feeling on my left cheek and then an overwhelming feeling came over me that took my breath away, this was followed by tears streaming down my face, but not with any sadness.

A few months later the same thing happened when I was in the car driving to work and at one point I looked into the rear mirror and for a split second saw my mother who had died not long before. Again the same overwhelming feeling accompanied by tears happened.

Ever since these two experiences I have started to find white feathers in places where you would not expect to find them but more recently when I find them I get a tingling sensation.

Now after all that, can you answer a couple of things?I have been told by a very good medium that the overwhelming sensation of having my breath taken away and the tears could be an angel or spirit trying to connect with me and secondly can angels that help me also help someone that I ask them to help, e.g. other family members that may be having problems?

I’m sorry this has been so long, I could have gone on further explaining things that I have experience but these are the two main things that I would like to know.Thanks very much for your time,

Regards Christine


Hello Christine,

Thank you for your email. I’ll try and be as helpful as I can!
(You’ll appreciate that there is a lot going on for you and that it is quite difficult to answer in email)

What a lovely connection you describe. There are several things going on simultaneously here, on many levels.

Firstly, once you start to wake up to your conscious purpose for living ( in other words you begin to realise that your potential spiritually) and begin to change direction in either your career or your private life (often these go hand in hand) – your personal vibration changes. ( Are you familiar with our vibrational frequency?) This then sets off a chain reaction in your spiritual and physical forms that reflect the changes in your emotional and mental states at the same time, so we experience an energetic change and also a new enhanced psychic awareness……….. are you with me so far?
Sometimes, this is where the ego comes bouncing in and tells you that you have new powers! Beware…….. yes you have……. but your specialness is that you have woken up to the love around you and to the fact that you are becoming closer in vibrational frequency to the other levels……… not that you are suddenly becoming a ‘psychic’.

I would say straight away that yes your father and mother have certainly come to you, a) to bless you, b) to remind you that only the human physical body dies and our spirit remains, and c) perhaps they have been waiting for this new awareness of yours so that they can choose to move forward on their own journey, knowing that you are in a new and lighter place.

At the same time, there is a strong belief that when one finds feathers it is a sign that your angels are with you.Particularly when they are in strange places. The feather is a reminder of the divine connection. Sometimes appears as an affirmative to something you were asking. It also reminds us to stay ‘light’…. this can be light as opposed to the darkness, but also means ‘lightening up’…….. remember the adage that ;angels can fly ‘cos they take themselves lightly;. It also reminds us that once we are in contact with the angelic realms our souls too can fly……. that there is no limit to our achievements when done with love and the desire to serve God.

Angels can help someone to find their way, can send healing, can gently push people into situations where they can see the solution to something ( that is if they are willing to heal, to see or to change their situation), but can not interfere with Karma. However, your own prayers are more powerful than you could ever imagine. Bearing in mind that we must always ask for ‘whatever is for the highest good and the best outcome’, also remembering to be careful what we ask for ourselves. You can indeed ask your angels to help others….. if it is Divine will, not your will. Sometimes we ask for things thinking that it is for the best, but forgetting that we have no idea of the greater picture, but the angels do see the big picture….. and so often what we ask does not seem to have been heard….. its just that it may not have been what was right for the person we were asking it for…. if you see my meaning?

Lastly, yes I am doing some work all over the place. Mostly small workshops here and there. If you let me know where you live I’ll tell you if there is anything in the area planned.

In the meantime, if I can be of any further help, please don’t be afraid to write to me again.

Love and Blessings