Welcome – Working with Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel, the Archangel of annunciation, guidance and resurrection.

Affirmation: “I trust my inner guidance in the knowledge that I am loved.”

As Archangel of Resurrection, Annunciation, Baptism and Rebirth, Gabriel is also known as the Archangel of Communication, the angel of revelation and the bringer of truth who can direct you on your true life’s purpose back to the Light of God’s eternal love. Watch the webinar with Chrissie and then, when you are prepared, use the guided visualisation to connect more fully with Gabriel’s power and energy.

Meditation with Archangel Gabriel

by Chrissie Astell | Discovering Archangels

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Spiritual Exercise – A Timeline of your Life

This week I would like you to you complete the following exercise to create a spiritual timeline of your life. Download the worksheet using the PDF link and print a copy. You can also use a plain piece of paper of you wish.

1. Draw a line horizontally and mark it vertically with equal divisions to represent seven-year stages of your life, making the first mark from conception/birth to seven years. (This is because before you were born your mother may have had experiences during her pregnancy that affected you).

2. You can now be as artistic or creative as you like. Use words and descriptions if you prefer but I’d suggest using little symbols and different coloured pens to mark significant things that happened to make you the unique and wonderful person you are.

3. Mark under the line if you feel the experience had a negative affect, or above the line if it was positive. So, for example, if a sibling or grandparent (or anyone else you loved dearly) left you at any point along line (including while you were in your mother’s womb), mark it at the specific age when it occurred as a downward vertical line. Make the line as short or as long as you feel the experience had a detrimental effect.

4. Then, say if you fell in love, achieved a goal such as passing an exam or learning to ride a bike or drive a car, or travelled somewhere exciting, then you would feel this to be a pleasurable and positive experience, so mark that with a different symbol vertically above the line. Choose to use description or symbolism, whichever you prefer, and make the line as short or long as you feel represents the positive affect on your life.

Try not to over analyse, or judge yourself, or the events, but simply reflect and record them. You may find this quite cathartic when you are reflecting and recording experiences in this way for the first time. Even if you have done it before, I encourage you to do it again anyway.

Things to note also include moving home, the birth of a sibling, separation within a family, changing or leaving school, any serious illness (yours or of those close to you), travel, close relationships/marriage, divorce/separation, the births of your children, and ay achievements, accomplishments and qualifications.

Also include any religious or extra-ordinary experiences, such as a first visit to a church or temple, or perhaps learning a musical instrument, joining a choir or any artistic achievements. Add in whether or not you attended a secular or faith school and when you first learned about your particular religious background. Then note if and when you made any alternative decisions about your faith upbringing, your spirituality, or, if there was none, when you think you first became interested.

Looking back in order to help understand what brought you to this awakening, you may now be able to see the circumstances and beliefs that determined how you arrived at this place. You may also start to understand what ambitions or driving forces are leading you where you are going, giving you a fuller picture and allowing you to create a map for the future.

However this exercise might have also brought up uncertainty about your spiritual path. If so, please don’t worry about feeling unsure of your beliefs about “religion”. That is common and as you build on the flow of energy emerging (and being created by you) along the Seven Steps your unique personal spiritual impulse will start to emerge too. Perhaps in the sense of deep sense of knowing that some things no longer feel “right”. This is because you are tapping in to your own truth, and possibly beginning to see that even though some of the dogma you were taught many years before more still have a residual effect, though it no longer serves you.

Many people are drawn to angels because they understand them to be a gentler, less intrusive presence than organized religion. Angelic beings are nonetheless as inseparable from the Divine or God or Source (whoever or whatever that is for you) as you are – we are all part of the same universal creation or consciousness.

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