Join Me On A Journey Of Discovery

Join me on a seven week programme as I share the powerful but gentle divine energies of the great Archangels.

Angels, as messengers and protectors, have been linked with humanity since the very beginning of history. They are documented in every world religion since the Egyptians and even depicted in cave art before that. Perhaps that is why so many of us are drawn to them. Even those people who say they “don’t believe in angels” will often admit to having experienced a presence or guiding spirit in their lives that they couldn’t explain.

Often this intuitive connection to angels manifests due to a trauma or crisis that sends you spiralling downward until you hit rock bottom. Sometimes it can be a life-changing mystical experience, like a vision, a near-death experience or miraculous recovery, leaving you with a sense of having a deeper “role” or “purpose” to fulfil. Or perhaps you simply want a more peaceful, more enlightened, more joyous way of being. Whatever your reason for being here, whatever your faith, or lack of it, welcome, the Light of the angels awaits you. personal support through my private Facebook group.

Over seven weeks I share each of seven angelic energies with you – GABRIEL, JOPHIEL, MICHAEL, RAPHAEL, CHAMUEL, ZADKIEL and URIEL. We’ll explore each Archangel and discover how we can call upon these powerful beings to guide, protect, heal and inspire us every day. Each week you’ll have access to:

  • An informative  60 minute video webinar, recorded earlier this year, including a group meditation.
  • A guided visualisation with the Archangel to channel and call upon each being.
  • An affirmation you can repeat every day to strengthen your connection further and ‘program’ new ideas into your soul.
  • A reflective spiritual exercise in which you’ll go deeper into your spiritual beliefs and practice – looking at your spiritual calling, self-esteem, healing, anchoring and your path towards peace.

Plus you’ll be able to share your experiences, ask questions and find personal support through my private Facebook group.

Register Free Of Charge

Register your place on the programme today. It’s free to participate and you’ll have access to each week’s module for a full seven days, so you can watch the webinar at a time that’s convenient for you and listen to the visualisation every day if you wish. However, you can purchase the entire course for just £49 and keep all the recordings, meditations and exercises forever.


To enrol free of charge for the series, just submit the form below.

Purchase And Keep Forever

Each module is available for seven days, but you can purchase the full series of seven Archangel modules, including any that you may have missed, for just £49. You’ll get immediate access to ALL SEVEN modules. Watch the webinars whenever you need to reconnect with the Archangels and use the exercises and meditations as often as you wish. You can even download the visualisations as MP3 files for your iPod, tablet or laptop. It’s a wonderful mini-course to help you stay connected with the angelic realms and deepen your spiritual practice.