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Join me on a journey of discovery, healing and transformation. Life-changing retreats to the world’s most beautiful and spiritual destinations. My annual Angels Abroad retreats allow small groups of seekers to explore their spiritual impulse, strengthen Divine connections, and find answers to burning questions. Experience the phenomenal energies of these sacred places for yourself, and share the experience with a small group of like-minded souls. The itinerary of each Angels Abroad retreat is unique – tailored to the location and the needs of each group.

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Educating Heart & Soul is a unique self discovery programme. Working in your own time and sacred space the course will empower you to gain a deeper knowledge of your own spiritual development and to share the love, excitement and wonder of working with angels and connections to the Divine. It also promotes self-healing, spiritual growth, and a support network between participants for ongoing learning. This unique course comes from a combination of academic research, personal teaching and life experience.

You’ll follow the unique, structured process of Seven Steps To Spiritual Empowerment. This process is outlined in my book, Seven Steps Into Angel Light (published by Watkins 2017), but the course goes deeper and further, with guidance, knowledge, exercises and insights into the tools and techniques you need to develop a daily spiritual practice that leads towards purpose, healing, service and enlightenment.

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