“From aged 3-4 and attending sunday school, i always loved angels and the idea of them being around us… This week, (and 35 years later) i have visited a neighbour who had twisted her ankle. another lady in our village is very much into angels, and as an accredited angel teacher, indeed runs angel workshops. she had visited my neighbour and applied some angelic healing to her twisted ankle and encouraged my neighbour to ask for raphael’s assistance and so on.

She left a pamphlet with listing information on her forthcoming workshop. I quite liked the idea, and always being a “swot”, I got onto the ‘net and looked up some well known angel workers such as Diana Cooper and Doreen Virtue etc. on one of these sites, was a meditation to enable one to make contact with ones guardian angel.

It listed the steps and stated that signs etc that one had done so, may include being physically touched, smelling a scent or even finding a white feather etc. “gosh, that would be fab, I thought, but I probably wont get the feather!” funnily enough, just as I thought that, I suddenly thought, ” actually, now that I have thought that, I might just get one !” I did the meditation lying in bed. I had an amazing sense of palpable calm come over me. I opened my eyes and guess what was on my right shoulder – yes, a tiny white feather !! Being in healthcare and having several science degrees and taking the scientific approach, I was trying to work out how this could have happened, but I dont have feather filled pillows or duvet. I would have seen the feather when I got into bed as I have eyes like a hawk – photographs with the “spot the 20 differences” are no challenge to me !

Again, the diagnostic mindset seeking a rational explanation goes into action – the only “medication” I take, are occasional vitamin supplements, I rarely drink and i havent had a glass of alcohol for a week, i have never taken recreational drugs, and i i dont have any psychiatric history. So, i shall just have to accept it as token from an angel, and i am very happy to do so. I cannot describe the feeling of calm and re-energisation that i felt. i slept so well last night – usually i am up at 7am – i slept until nearly 10am this morning ! Interestingly, i had read that angels sometimes leave a white feather as a calling card. people often mention ask you angel for a car park space etc and thank the angel for working it out for you. about three years ago, this happened to me and i had a single white feather about 2.5 inches long in the footwell of my car. where i had parked was a very clean paved car park. i am not near any poultry and i have never ever have the incoming fresh air vents open in my car. Who knows, i did think it was quite remarkable at the time, although, i did try to work out the “how of the magic trick”, if you like. On occasion, i have wondered about that, the hows, whys and wherefores since then. maybe last nights feather was a confirmation token, who knows, but quite wonderful all the same ! Thank you and good luck with your PhD.”

Chrissie’s Reply:

Thank you so much for your email. Yes, it is remarkable isn’t it? Where do these feathers appear from? I think it is a wonderful reminder of God’s promise, and the ever present support and guardianship of the angelic realms.
Warmest wishes