I really look forward to your regular newsletters and angel affirmations. I have always form a young age believed in the power of goodness.

At primary school a fellow pupil once asked, “Are you an angel?”. Around 1989 I was going through a difficult time wrestling with a crossroads period in my mind and couldn’t sleep. The small hospital I had worked in since 1981 was to move to the big new general hospital in 1990, and I couldn’t see myself there. I had worked as an auxilliary nurse, and was unsocial and shy, so couldn’t see much in life for me. It felt like now or never to try and leave and do my training so at least I would have a well paying job.

I was tossing and turning in my cold untidy bedroom. I became aware of a whorl of extremely bright light and wind circling in the corner of the ceiling above my bed. It seemed to fill the room as I lay with my eyes shut, I was scared to open my eyes. Someone then held my head, as though they were behind the top of my head, then speaking in a woman’s voice in a familiar, Scottish tongue, told me “Linda, lie still, close your eyes.That’s it.” Then I felt a rush of warmth as they appeared to pull out all of the pain and rubbish from my thoughts and being, as though sucking it up from the top of my head. Then she said “Now go to sleep”, which I must have done.

On wakening, I looked in the mirror, wondering if it had really happened. My “proof” was that the “worry” indent mark was gone from between by eyes, it was now smooth.

I did leave and do some nurse training which was probably a good move, although I don’t really enjoy it all the time and am still lacking in confidence and in any real connections in my life. Would love to do something meant for me, but at least I know wonders exist. At the time I most needed it, help came from somewhere.

Regards, Linda