Hello Chrissie, I have hesitated to write to you, feeling that my “experiences” could be seen as non-angelic, but here goes anyway.

I used to drive a lot in the course of my work. Coming home one day along an A road at about 60mph I had the what could be described as the automatic function to slow down. I didn’t hear a voice, and I can’t say it actually came into my head to slow down, either, I just did; don’t know why exactly. Well, just as I slowed, there was a car pulling out from a turning. Didn’t hit it! I dismissed this as anything other than co-incidence, I might have noticed the car out of the corner of my eye/unconsciously noticed a reflection or shadow. Quite possibly the explanation of course. But after this time (and that was about 14 years ago) similar experiences occurred. I would “know” if it was safe/unsafe to overtake, though I would never take an idiotic risk, but upon looking I recall my “intuition” was always right.

About a year ago my wife and I were driving nearby on a mountain road (meet a vehicle every ten minutes or so!) and I did one of my automatic slowings. My wife asked me why I was slowing down, I was just about to say I didn’t really know, when as we turned round the curve in the road there was white van man in the middle of the fairly narrow road. At least I now have a witness to my “intuition”! Now I appreciate that this is fairly nebulous info, thus my reticence to write to you. What I had noticed before these incidents was that on arriving at an appointment, I would, on walking from my car to reception, “know” if the person with whom I had the appointment was there or not – mostly the “message” was when the person was not there. Would have been more helpful to have had the message before the journey started, but there you go. Now I guess these could be my sixth sense, but what is that definition anyway.

Anyway, this started me on my spiritual journey. Am just having great difficulty on finding the path though. And at my age time is running out! We will be back in UK soon, as I return (at the age of 67) to work. As part of the work is on Counter-IED (roadside bombs) robots, it’s a life saver; that’s the plan. Maybe we will meet sometime for my spiritual path direction.

Best regards, Bjørn Christiansen