Hello Chrissie.
I hope you don’t mind me mailing you, …we met in Birmingham, I did your course.
… I have started bereavement counselling and am seeing some real troubled souls.
Am I allowed to ask angels to help them or do I have to have their consent to do that ?
Hope you’re well. X

—– Chrissie’s reply—–

Hi X,

If you can call in the angels to protect you and work through you before you see each client, spiritual Light will shine through you and you will be inspired to say and do whatever is ‘the right thing’.. If you feel you would like to ask the angels to help these souls individually then you are perfectly ok to ask their ‘higher’ self to accept the healing you are offering.

You know that each of us must work out our own distress and pain and grief… that is one of the hardest lessons … to see with a new vision and change the illusion of pain… and you also understand that many of us are in service to help others…. so yes it is a dilemma.

I have had a guru / teacher in past years whose advice was always that everyone must deal with their own karma…. or come back and do it again….so be very careful when trying to absorb someone elses pain for them… that you are not adding to your own karma.

On the other hand in Buddhism it is the enlightened who can swallow the ‘hungry ghosts’ and take away the pain and suffering of others…..

It’s a hard call. Ask your own higher self and sit in meditation with just how much you can do for these clients.

This form of work is one I also wish to follow in later years when all the travelling gets to me! So I do hope I’ll be able to follow my own advice then!

Much love and many blessings