Hi Chrissie – thank you so much for the weekly affirmations they make me think how I can add value to those around me and my own souls journey. Just thought I would share my angel experience with you… hope it makes sense as I type lol!

About two years ago I was to all intents an purposes trapped in an extremley abusive marriage, during this time I needed to travel to Glasgow to receive training for a yet another new job.My husband made keeping any job difficult, as he would make sure things would go wrong for me, and “confide in” people about my supposed mental problems. For my trip from the very top of Scotland to Glasgow, I decided to travel very early to avoid tourist traffic, however during the journey the car just felt “wrong,” although there was nothing I could put my finger on as to why i felt this way. I stopped a couple of times and checked the car over but still nothing presented itself as the reason for my feelings of unease, so on I went.

Eventually I reached the M74 just outside of Glasgow at around 7.30 on a Sunday morning, and joy there was no other traffic on the road, not a vehilcel in sight. #Suddleny the car lurched all over the road and onto its side slid up the road around two hundred yards and came to a stop halfway up the embankment, it all happened so fast, I was unhurt but badly shaken.

I clambered out of the car to find one of the wheels had dissapeared, and the car in no position to retrieve and fit the spare, I just crumbled into a heap and gave in to dispair, I had no money, the new company were paying all my travel and accomodation bills, no breakdown and no way of helping myself. I looked up to fish a tissue out of my pocket, and right in behind my car was a white luton van stopped wirth the driver stood looking at me smiling. He found my wheel within minutes, that had come of and ended up in a ditch, helped me get the car upright and took a wheel nut of each wheel to attatch the errant wheel. He then shadowed me to the next village, knocked up the local mechnic, who put an extra nut on each wheel, at checked the car over and sent me on my way free of charge.

The driver of the van said his name was Steve, there was no signage on then van and he refused any form of promised payment, but he did tell me thta my husband had loosened all the wheel nuts on purpose, but not to worry as things would change for me, he smilled and went on his way. I wrote his number plate details down with the intention of finding him and sending a gift of thanks, but they mysteriously dissapeared, nor could I remember them.

Two years later I have left my husband, retrained as a Holistic Therapist and just started my own business, I truly belive I received Angelic help that day, and guidance every day since. Even more so when I recently visited a local meduim who mentioned the event to me and confirmed the intervention of an ascended being had saved my life. This is my thank you to the angel that helped me on that day and restored my faith, and a message to others in dark places,and I know it sounds cliche, but, look up and see the light it shines by day and by night.

Kind regards – Louise