You asked to share real life experiences with Arch Angels, so here goes, My brother remarried in his late fifties to a lady that was welcomed with open arms into our family. After the wedding the games began on her part, I was so distressed by the antics that I wrote her a letter. The letter was sent to my brother so he could veto it if he felt I was out of line. My nature is not to confront, so this was very hard on me,did I do the right thing.

For weeks I stressed over what was happening, during my nights sleep Arch Angel Michael came to me in my sleep, I could see him tho not his facial features. He introduced himself and said,” he was taking me on a journey.” What he showed me were three pods of souls working on , what they needed to do! no details! Arch Angel Michael said,”We have all the time in the world” I took this to mean that we are not all on the same level and that is OK. I realized that sometime people shake you to your core when all of the folks I’ m associated with at this time of my life are on a very connected soul path,” I still continue to call on Arch Angel Michael when I need help. After reading your book Gifts from Angels I plan on calling in the other Arch Angels.

I have been working with my Angel for years as I connected with her when Reiki came into my life.

Thank you for sharing your written words!

A huge Universal hug to you!



Chrissie’s reply:
Hello Joan, Thank you for your email. I’m delighted that you have enjoyed /and are working with/ my little book Gifts from Angels. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me. It’s a beautiful example of the angelic guidance we receive when we are troubled – if we ask! I will put it onto my website for others to read, and be inspired by…. Blessings to you
with love