Hi Chrissie, Something happened on Saturday which I am dying to tell you about as it’s so lovely and has put a smile on my face ever since!

I have had many encounters with Angels over the last 16 years and I always find that when I am really low that’s when they make their biggest impact!!

I was travelling up to London on the train to see some friends who had come over from Australia and we were all going to have lunch and spend the day together. Anyway as I always do I find the half an hour on the train a perfect time to meditate and say my thank you’s (as one does!) So I shut my eyes, tried to still my mind etc but also asked that the day bring wonderful conversations, happy smiling faces and generally for us all to have a wonderful group meeting. Then suddenly my thoughts came back to my situation and I decided that I wasn’t going to cry on the train or actually mention to my friends what was happening in my life as I didn’t want to spoil the occasion… when suddenly I opened my eyes to see 2 white feathers slowly drift down from the ceiling which had come out of the ventilation opening on the ceiling of the train!! Well the lady opposite me and I just smiled and smiled as we both didn’t need to say a word!

There was nothing in the carriage that could have produced feathers and they fell under the lady opposites seat. When she got up to leave the train I tried to find them to save & keep but they had completely disappeared!! No where to be seen!! They appeared from no-where and disappeared to no-where but trust me they were certainly real! I keep thinking about the beauty of this as in many ways it was so simple.

Having guides and Angels around in my life and things like this really confirm that we are not alone which is a real comfort sometimes as ‘they’ know what’s going on and I have always kept my faith but sometimes its hard…until something like this happens again and everything flows as its meant to be. Well enough waffle but had to share this with you as some of my friends would think I have lost the plot!!!

I didn’t tell my friends on the day as 2 of them certainly wouldn’t have understood at all as they are both very cynical about all things spiritual and would have just mocked etc and I didn’t want to spoil my fun! I have since told others and it’s certainly put a smile on their faces too.

I’m sure lots of love and Angel blessings to you

Sheila xxx
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