We are so blessed!

I have been meaning to write to you about my experience after my mother died 11 months before Shanti’s birth. I was packing my mother’s bedroom cupboard and noticed 2 creamy, flowery cotton peasant dresses on its floor. I wondered what they were doing there as they were not my mum’s style.

A big flash of white light went trough the room as well as a booming voice,saying they were for me as I was going to have a child. I was stunned by this experience and did not share this with my brother who was in the flat. Sure enough I was pregnant soon after and my gorgeous girl was born a week before my mother’s birthday.She has the best of my mum, myself and her dad in her. She has a old passport photo of her grandma at her desk and we both feel and trust that she watches over us.

I never realised that this may have been an angel message but I have a lot of Angel pictures, cherub sculptures and Angel cards. I brought Shanti up with Angels and Fairies as I find religions too scary and judgemental. It was only when I recounted this story to Chrissie
that she told me about Angel Gabriel being the messenger. I teach yoga and do massage. I have always called on Gabriel to inspire my classes and Raphael for bringing healing in my massage.

Since the Angel week abroad with Chrissie my life is constantly evolving and enriching. I enjoy sharing this energy with all.

Smile! Life is good:-}}}}
Kahti xx