Earlier this month a very strange single rash appeared on my skin.  It bothered me but it didn’t seem important enough to justify contacting my GP.  A couple of days later there was still something niggling away about it, when I heard the words Lyme Disease on the radio and instantly there was a ‘ting’ in my head and I knew that was what the rash was even before I got to google it.  I had been walking in the Yorkshire Dales the previous weekend.  The advice on the NHS and Lyme Disease Association websites is that if you have a rash you are already infected and to get treatment immediately. I phoned the GP surgery and a phone call back was arranged and by mid-afternoon I had picked up the prescription for antibiotics.  I hadn’t linked the constant dull headache and flu like symptoms with the rash – I really wasn’t listening to what my body was trying to tell me.  Prompt treatment is vital to stop it developing into a seriously debilitating condition, so I was given a direct message for which I am immensely grateful.  I have come to learn that the bell like ‘ting’ is signalling me to pay great attention to what I have just heard because I need to take action.  It is the words themselves that form the sound of the bell so that I am left in no doubt as to what the key words are.

Bright Blessings


Chrissie’s reply:

Hi Rosslynne, Thanks so much for this. I also ‘hear’ sounds as warnings. Super to think that we co-create some form of sign with the Universe, and that our angels are permanently looking out for us. Super that you recognise it ~ many don’t!