I have been meaning to write to you for some time now mainly to thank you for your weekly and regularly email correspondence.

I always find the timing of the subject you hit upon each week resonates with me – I always take great pleasure in sharing it with others whom it may also resonate with too!

Infact, I have shared your details with friends and family recently as I think you are a wonderful writer and the linkage with my journey and your choice of topics really does synchronise with where I am, and I believe anyone would be inspired and enjoy reading your messages.

I have been in and out of hospital (5 times this year since July) with injections, strong pain relief managent and a couple of operations, all of this in relation to a back problem and had other very close family members in hospital and seriously ill around me at the same time.

I am currently in hospital and wanted to share with you the fact that I believe an angel was with me last nite. Just for a moment I glanced towards what is actually a picture of two swans on the wall, however in the darkness of the room only saw the head of one had changed into a glowing orb held between a pair of hands extending out towards me. The remainder of the night, I did then go on to believe the nurse was putting drugs in my drink and arm to try and kill me off but then that was probably down to the operation/anaesthetic/drugs I was on ha ha!!

Anyway, after reading your lovely story about ann and the feather left on the bench, I looked back at the picture this evening and it occurred to me that what do white swans have….white feathers!

Thank you for your time, energy and care in all that you do. It means a great deal to me (and my mum whom you know from your very early days at Wanstead, Carole Smith).

Warm regards