For Christmas I was given Angel Messages a book and Pack of 52 uniquely inspirational cards. After reading the book I decided to use the cards. After meditating, I shuffled the cards, split them into 3 sets and picked up the first card which said: At last you can communicate with your Guardian Angel Treasure the knowledge and open to Joy.

The second card said – listen and learn to tune in your soul is the most important part of your being.

The third card said – we all have spiritual energy. It is up to you to light the flame within you After reading these I felt really positive about things and I’m looking forward to using the cards on a regular basis.

I then retired to the lounge for a read of the newspaper and picked up ‘The Journal’ publication Dec 03/Jan 04 issue and couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned the page and saw your article ‘Do you believe in Angels?’ Well yes, I definitely do! I thoroughly enjoyed your article and exploring your website.