Angel of Protection

“I am protected by a shield of angelic power and nothing can harm me.”


We trust that we are always loved and protected in our work. But, there are those around and about us who are not yet quite aware of how harmful negative thoughts, words and deeds are to others. For those who work in towns and cities, or travel a lot of the time, even the traffic noise and pollution can be an irritant to the sensitive soul.

Protecting yourself consciously is not ‘buying into’ fear, it is drawing your own attention and intention to protecting your auric field from negative vibrations which may effect or upset your inner balance. Archangel Michael and the angels of protection can help you to safeguard your self, on many levels not only the physical. They will protect you on a spiritual and psychic level too.

Ask for protection as you get up in the mornings and at the same time visualise that you are stepping into an imaginary bubble of loving light. See the bubble as having a soft but impenetrable skin so that ‘arrows’ of negativity will simply bounce or slip off to the ground, harmlessly.

We do need to protect our sensitive inner self especially when we are out and about doing spiritual work. The more sensitive you become, the more important it is to make this affirmation part of your daily spiritual routine.

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