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Chrissie welcomes correspondence by post or email and would love to hear of your experiences of contact with angels, spiritual enlightenment or miracles in your life. If you have enjoyed one of her books, CDs or workshops, please let us know. Chrissie tries to respond to all communications but please be patient. To contact Chrissie click here.


An Angelic Experience

On your website it mentions you're looking for angel stories for your book, and I'd like to share my experience with you. Kind regards Louise Do I believe in angels? Well, that's a very good question! I lived in Norfolk for a number of years and suffered with very...

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A Message for Healing

Earlier this month a very strange single rash appeared on my skin.  It bothered me but it didn't seem important enough to justify contacting my GP.  A couple of days later there was still something niggling away about it, when I heard the words Lyme Disease on the...

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Angel Angel Visit

I have been meaning to write to you for some time now mainly to thank you for your weekly and regularly email correspondence. I always find the timing of the subject you hit upon each week resonates with me - I always take great pleasure in sharing it with others whom...

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Are you an Angel?

I really look forward to your regular newsletters and angel affirmations. I have always form a young age believed in the power of goodness. At primary school a fellow pupil once asked, "Are you an angel?". Around 1989 I was going through a difficult time wrestling...

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Asking for Help

My name is Melissa and I saw a message on your website asking for help with angel experiences for a book you are writing. I’m sure this isn’t something that will be worthy of mention in your book, but it did get me thinking that you might like to hear about it anyway…...

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Angel in the Clouds

I would love to read about other peoples angel stories. The one I would like to tell you is one I had in August 2002 - I hope it is not too boring I had finished some work on my house making a new back yard (patio) and as I was sitting on my new patio I wondered if I...

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Christmas Cards

For Christmas I was given Angel Messages a book and Pack of 52 uniquely inspirational cards. After reading the book I decided to use the cards. After meditating, I shuffled the cards, split them into 3 sets and picked up the first card which said: At last you can...

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Feather on my Shoulder

"From aged 3-4 and attending sunday school, i always loved angels and the idea of them being around us... This week, (and 35 years later) i have visited a neighbour who had twisted her ankle. another lady in our village is very much into angels, and as an accredited...

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