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Chrissie welcomes correspondence by post or email and would love to hear of your experiences of contact with angels, spiritual enlightenment or miracles in your life. If you have enjoyed one of her books, CDs or workshops, please let us know. Chrissie tries to respond to all communications but please be patient. To contact Chrissie click here.


Angel Consent?

Hello Chrissie. I hope you don't mind me mailing you, ...we met in Birmingham, I did your course. ... I have started bereavement counselling and am seeing some real troubled souls. Am I allowed to ask angels to help them or do I have to have their consent to do that ?...

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Saved by an Angel?

Hi Chrissie - thank you so much for the weekly affirmations they make me think how I can add value to those around me and my own souls journey. Just thought I would share my angel experience with you... hope it makes sense as I type lol! About two years ago I was to...

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Can Angels Help?

Hi Chrissie Angels can’t help you with everything can they? I asked to have a safe trip that our camper would be safe. When we went up this hill it ripped our jack off and bent the steps. So this tells me Angels can’t help you on everything right? Hugs, Deborah -----...

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Azriel’s Wings

As I lay in my bed on the 11/11/11 I felt my third eye being worked on. I was informed that I was going to be giving something special that day. I woke at 6am, and I was sooo excited about my day ahead. Later that day my friend called me and asked if I would visit her...

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Archangel Michael Visits

You asked to share real life experiences with Arch Angels, so here goes, My brother remarried in his late fifties to a lady that was welcomed with open arms into our family. After the wedding the games began on her part, I was so distressed by the antics that I wrote...

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A Message In My Head

I was having some fever type symptoms where everytime I ate I had a hot flush through my body and was very concerned as my father had diabetes, so I booked an appointment to see the doctor and have my blood sugar tested, on the drive in a message kept coming into my...

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An Intuitive Warning

Hello Chrissie, I have hesitated to write to you, feeling that my “experiences” could be seen as non-angelic, but here goes anyway. I used to drive a lot in the course of my work. Coming home one day along an A road at about 60mph I had the what could be described as...

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An Angel Encounter

Hi Chrissie, Something happened on Saturday which I am dying to tell you about as it's so lovely and has put a smile on my face ever since! I have had many encounters with Angels over the last 16 years and I always find that when I am really low that's when they make...

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Shining My Divine Light

"I had to write to you to say thank you for your November 1st Affirmation. I always read them but this one arrived just at the right time to help me through a difficult situation. I had to put my business into liquidation because of a partner who has caused me great...

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A Flash of White Light

We are so blessed! I have been meaning to write to you about my experience after my mother died 11 months before Shanti's birth. I was packing my mother's bedroom cupboard and noticed 2 creamy, flowery cotton peasant dresses on its floor. I wondered what they were...

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